4 Level Ups to qualify for the 22nd century

Our Mission is to guide our civilization in qualifying for the 22nd century.

This is nothing that is far away. The test for mankind has begun and we already are very late.
With today's actions we shape a utopian or dystopian next century.
Our goal is to work towards a thriving civilization that passes the test - the great filter - we are facing right now.
Our goal is to find a way to cooperate and collaborate with the technium as Kevin Kelly describes it in his book "What technology wants".
Either we will level up to a grown up and wise species or we will perish. The choice is ours.
So we operate the following programs.

Level Up our Character

In our book: Level Up to Superhero in six simple steps we show you how you can become the hero of your self-directed life without giving up the safety of your past. How you master (y)our destiny and qualify for the 22nd century.

Transform to a climate positive civilization

With the The Climate Hackerz Think- and Action-Tank our mission is the transformation into a climate positive civilization within ten years.

Achieve a global balance of power and responsibility

As Stan Lee stated: "With great power - - ther also must come great responsibility". And he was right. The principle of the balance of power and responsibility is embedded in everything we do and also part of the Level Up to Superhero blueprint (Step 6 - the way we win). We believe as we pursue the other 3 Level Ups for our civilization the balance between power and responsibility will follow.

Prepare for the technological singularity

At Skilltower Institute we explore a lot of trends before they become mainstream starting with computer viruses in 1989. With deep dives into artificial intelligence, machine learning and other Q-GRINS-technologies* We help with the preparation and navigation to a better technological singularity. (*Q-GRINS = Quantum physics, Genetics and Biotech, Robotics (including AI/ML), Information Technology, Nanotech, and Space-tech)